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Thinking About Leaving

If you are planning to leave your abuser, there are steps you can take that might help you to make your escape quickly and safely.

Call us on 01446 744755 if you want to talk through your options.

If you are in immediate danger dial 999.

  • You may have to leave on the spur of the moment: plan an escape and get the support of a trusted neighbour or friend if possible.
  • Take your children with you: you may not be able to collect them later without going through the courts.
  • Keep some money saved for taxis or bus fares, and telephone calls.
  • Try to ensure you have your own key to the house.
  • Have clothes ready for you and your children, in case of a quick getaway.
  • Get the telephone numbers of your nearest Women’s Aid Group.
  • Make sure you have important documents, bank account details, car documents, marriage and birth certificates, passports and medication with you when you leave.
  • If you are planning to leave, bring things that may be precious to you and your children, e.g. favourite toys and clothes, pictures, jewellery.
Thinking About Leaving